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Remembering Family History

"Always tell someone how you feel, because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye, but regret can last a lifetime."
Never too early to start the conversation
"Now as I get older I realise I have many more questions I wish I had asked my parents about their lives."
Diana (83yrs) - Bunbury W.A

We record your family history, your stories, your life. It is about connection and meaning.

Nothing is stranger than the truth!

What untold mysteries are hiding in your family history?

The stories of our parents and grandparents often come and go without much interest. As they were the ‘olden days’ and not relevant to our modern lives, but that’s where we are wrong. Our grandparents experienced world wars, the introduction of electricity, cars and flying. They endured hardships we can’t imagine in our pampered lives, like why they made the journey to Australia, was it to escape persecution or maybe they were sentenced to Australia…

It is only later in life that you begin to ask questions of yourself, who am I, who were my ancestors? So to better understand ourselves, we must first look back at where we came from. Often our search starts too late, the link to our past is broken. When a relative dies, so does their story, and that understanding of what made you has gone forever.

In contrast, for the interviewee, this can often be the first opportunity to tell their story, no one has ever asked. It can offer the power of healing family breakdown. Through discovery and understanding what has gone before, can provide an avenue for reconnection and family wellbeing, as well as documenting a ‘cracking’ story.

Have you started your journey of discovery?

"We did this (recording) very late in life. Do it now so that you still have a clear memory of the past".
Stan (95yrs) - Adelaide S.A

HD Video

We record your story in the comfort of your own surrounds, be it in the garden with birds chirping or in your favourite armchair, remember it is your story and we want this to be an enjoyable experience.

Family photos

Add precious family photos or other digital recordings to your storyline, so no one forgets great uncle Henry and his amazing inventions, or aunt Peggy's fabulous cakes. Even your cherished four legged friends might feature.


We want to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and in a friendly environment. This could be your first time in front of a camera. That's why we take time in preparation, practice and staging. We use professional cameras, sound recording equipment and editing programs to produce the best outcome.


After an initial meeting to discuss your project, a clear and concise contract listing procedures, inclusions, timeframes, dates, costs, payments and obligations is provided for your approval. Once signed, the magic can begin.

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