About Kindred Tales

 Kindred Tales is a video production company specialising in documenting family history. We provide a unique opportunity to video record your grandparents, parents, siblings, friend or even your own story. If you feel that these tales are important for future generations to hear, reflect on, learn and understand where they came from, and, what impacts others’ lives, then maybe the time to act is now.
Sensitively collected and uniquely portrayed, some of these memoirs can only be described as ‘cracking’ tales.

Unfortunately for so many of us, the desire to discover more about our history comes too late. As a result, when a family member dies, so goes your connection to discover their past. That link is gone forever and so is the golden opportunity to capture all those amazing life-lived memories. 

Please don’t wait to uncover the secrets of your family history, time is precious.

Start the conversation today! 

Act now, time is running out!

"James has a way of quietly listening to people and asking the right questions. He has portrayed the happy, strong and beautiful woman that is my mother. I cried at the end, so I'm sure her grandchildren will treasure the very special memories that James has managed to capture."
Kim - Kureelpa QLD

Who is Kindred Tales?

Hello, I’m James Terry, the owner operator of Kindred Tales and I am fascinated by family history. Unfortunately for me, at age 22 I experienced the sudden death of my father. Back then it was all about my grief, and the loss of knowing that I was on the cusp of a changing relationship with him, from child – parent to adult – adult. But life goes on.

It is only later in life that you become interested in where you came from. The stories of my dad’s life could only then be pulled together through the words of others. It took me years to ask the questions I had about the life and times of the man who loved me. Whilst my mum can fill in some of the blanks, there is so much missing. I have masses of old photos but no stories, no understanding of what was happening, what he was thinking. My childhood memories of stories about world wars, Africa in the 1950s and coming to Australia have faded, I’ve begun to wonder if they are real or made up. So when I interviewed my 83 year old mum, I was astonished at how enlightening and healing the process was.

Uncovering your family history is more than engrossing stories, it’s also finding out about who you are. It’s about understanding we are all human and sometimes things go wrong, or, that there was more to the story than first appeared. Above all, it’s about acceptance and forgiveness, of self and others. 

Sometimes when a person is missing, our whole world seems empty
Dog sitting on chair with camera filming
"Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my face"

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