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Frequently asked questions

Kindred Tales is based in Brisbane, Queensland. However, filming can be arranged anywhere in Australia.

Travel expenses outside of the Brisbane metro area are charged at cost and confirmed prior to filming.

Filming time frames depend on which service you choose. Similarly, it depends on how grand your story is. Typically, set-up and take-down of equipment takes about 40 minutes, with actual filming taking between 2-5 hours. With breaks for coffee or a nip of something, please allow at least 6 hours. Filming can be scheduled over several days.

Always. We want this experience to be enjoyable and understand that everyone is unique and their circumstances differ. During the initial proposal stage we can discuss any requirements to ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible.

Yes. This is a great addition to your story. Ideally, photos and/or other media must be in a digital format and provided at time of filming. Numbers of images and duration of footage is limited to which service you require.

Music adds atmosphere and drama, it can take the viewer back in time to when the story was placed. Kindred Tales respects the Digital Rights Management copyright laws and as such, cannot add commercial music to your project. However, we can provide you with Royalty Free music (at cost). This is generally background music which is better suited as it doesn’t distract from the narration of your story.

The Copyright to your video is owned solely by Kindred Tales, and cannot be reproduced in any form by anyone other than Kindred Tales, unless specific permission is given in writing by Kindred Tales.

From Go to Whoa, the process is approximately 6 – 8 weeks. This is dependant on when and where filming is staged, supply of additional media (photos etc) and if any re-edits are required. We want you to have the finished product as soon as possible, so planning is vital to ensure we can achieve this.

Understandably the number one question on everyone’s lips. Well each project is unique, such as, location of filming, is travel/accommodation required, additional equipment needed and also, everyone reacts differently when a camera is placed in front of them, so an exact cost breakdown can only be quoted after our initial consultation. There are three base rates for Your Story, One Person Interview, Two Person Interview and Two Individual Interviews. Depending on which you choose, a  completed video filmed in Brisbane should be between $2500 – $4500.

At Kindred Tales we operate on a Fare Deal Policy. If, for instance, for whatever reason, filming takes longer than estimated, or, editing is more straight forward and quicker to complete, then the final balance payable can be renegotiated.

To receive an electronic brochure and for more information on pricing, please contact us directly.

Total costs will be confirmed after the initial consultation. Payment terms:

A non-refundable deposit between $200 – $500 depending upon the service booked, is payable at signing of the contract.

50% part payment is due prior to Pre-interview stage.

Final balance is due prior to delivery.

Discounts are available on some services for up-front full payment.

Payments by Direct Debt only. GST inclusive.

The pre-interview is vital to the success of your video. It serves firstly as a get to know each other. We discuss your history to formulate a storyline, so nothing is forgotten and so we understand your family tree. It also gives you a chance to practice your presentation techniques and to refresh your memory of names, dates and places. A B-roll video may also be shot of your favourite things and surrounds. We also check where the interview will take place to ensure the best light, sound and background is captured.

The promotion of Kindred Tales relies heavily on word of mouth and as such, in our initial discussions and contract, we ask your permission to use snippets of your video. This could be for print media, social online media or on our website. We will always show you what footage is to be used and you have the right to refuse at any point prior to publishing.

From time to time, Kindred Tales offers special deals on some of its services. If you see a code below, then you’re in luck! Go to Contacts, include this code in your email to us, and if you comply with the offer’s terms and conditions*, then BINGO. 

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