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As humans, we relate to other people’s experiences and so testimonials are important to show the honest reflections of the emotions that are evoked from these stories.

“James has a way of quietly listening to people and asking the right questions. When he mixes this talent with his other huge creative talent, which is making movies, it all seems to come together beautifully. James has portrayed the happy, strong, and beautiful woman that is my mother. I cried at the end, so I’m sure her grandchildren will treasure the very special memories that James has managed to capture. Kindred Tales is a unique way of preserving family history for generations to come.”
Kureelpa QLD - 2018
"Now as I get older I realise I have many more questions I wish I had asked my parents about their lives. Recently I had the opportunity to relate my story to James at Kindred Tales. He was able to guide me through my life story slowly and patiently, at the same time photographing and recording unobtrusively over a few days. An enjoyable experience I would definitely recommend and which I hope my family will appreciate".
Bunbury W.A - 2018
"If my mother had any advice to pass on it was to stay curious… as an artist her curiosity and intellect reveal themselves in her paintings and drawings and while they reflect her life experiences of growing up an orphan, living through Hitler’s rise to power and the world of pre and post-war Vienna, her fateful meeting with my father, the fleeing of their homelands and finally their settling in Brisbane... they are traces of her thinking about these paths and crossings. Whilst I had grown up with these stories, retracing and recording them gave Maria the space to stitch together disparate pieces of information and paint our family history, in her words: it was a joy to watch her tell these stories, and now she is gone, it is a joyful wonder to listen to her tell our family’s story".
Brisbane QLD - 2020
"We had no difficulty being filmed whilst talking about our lives together. The fact that the cameraman was known to us probably reduced any nervousness but he really did put us at our ease. The longer the interview lasts the easier it becomes to relate incidents in one’s life. I spent a considerable time in the service so I understand why one’s family would be keen to know what you did and where you went. It might surprise most people to know how important it is for the family to know what their forebears did – after all it is history – but personal. Amazing, too some of the things you have forgotten are rekindled. We did this very late in life. Do it now so that you still have a clear memory of the past. Your family will love you for it".
Stan (aged 95)
Adelaide S.A - 2018
"It was wonderful to watch a Kindred Tales video of my Grandparents. As a Granddaughter, it was very special to be able to watch this video with my Grandmother featuring my late Grandfather and her. We laughed and we cried together. Despite being extremely close, I learned so much about both of their lives and the video will be something I can reflect on and one day show to my own family. James did an amazing job of capturing their personalities and it felt like they were both in the room whilst watching."
Adelaide S.A - 2020
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To an amazing father-in-law, Stan. 1924 - 2019 "All jacked up - Fully relaxed - No Problem"

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